I’m not gambling, I’m creating other universes in which I’m filthy rich.


"Satoru Iwata also mentioned that several other titles are in development exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS. These will not be playable on the old 3DS models."


Looks like Nintendo has discovered the college textbook model of getting people to pay for things they already own.

Conversely, a materialist walks down the street, bumps into a P-zombie, and is bisected.

A Cartesian Dualist is walking down the street when he bumps into a purely physical theory of consciousness. The Dualist is reduced to atoms.



Human consciousness is simply a state of matter, like a solid or liquid – but quantum

Thanks to the work of a small group neuroscientists and theoretical physicists over the last few years, we may finally have found a way of analyzing the mysterious, metaphysical realm of consciousness in a scientific manner. The latest breakthrough in this new field, published by Max Tegmark of MIT, postulates that consciousness is actually a state of matter. “Just as there are many types of liquids, there are many types of consciousness,” he says. With this new model, Tegmark says that consciousness can be described in terms of quantum mechanics and information theory, allowing us to scientifically tackle murky topics such as self awareness, and why we perceive the world in classical three-dimensional terms, rather than the infinite number of objective realities offered up by the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

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Tegmark is also the Platonic math abstract multiverse guy, so I’d probably take this with a small metric unit of salt

Also because explaining our consciousness as a separate heretofore undiscovered indivisible quantum state of matter validates all our beliefs about souls and dualism, but corresponds to absolutely nothing we’ve discovered about the brain, and is almost the exact opposite of an explanation because it makes things more confusing to think about.

Unless Tegmark’s five properties of conscious matter are really good, I don’t think we’ll go “Aha, that’s why red seems red to me! Quantum!”

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  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Exposure: 1/60th
  4. Focal Length: 6mm


important things to consider about your otp

who pauses the movie they’re watching because i bought all this candy and you haven’t eaten near enough gummy worms so I’m gonna feed them to you

whose bed they end up in for cuddles and naps

who is really overprotective and asks if the other one is feeling okay every time they cough/sneeze

who doesn’t even know how they take their tea any more bc the other person always makes it for them


still laughing about yesterday during gender/sexuality studies class when our professor had everyone chant “VAGINA! PENIS! VAGINA!” a few times to make us more comfortable with saying those terms

and this girl just stands up slowly and says “…this… this isn’t math class…”



The American Hogwarts Houses

Look at your school of witchcraft and wizardry. Now look at mine. Now yours. Now back to mine. Sadly, your school is not mine, but if you all got off your broomsticks and started using a real sorcerer’s deodorant, it could smell like mine. Abracadabra! I’m a horse.